Our Program

Quality childcare begins with quality programming. Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum™ is designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential. It provides teachers with daily information that makes creating meaningful learning experiences possible.

Each of our programs at Carousel Children's Academy (CCA) is developmentally appropriate for the specific age group. ​Carousel Child offers four different programs: Infants & Toddlers, Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten/Jr-Kindgarten, School-Age Program, and a Summer Program. 

The School-Age program offers before and after school care for children in grades K through 2nd grade. The Summer Program, also offered for children Kindergarten - Third Grade, includes weekly themes and special events such as magicians, carnivals, animals, outdoor fun, games, splash parties, arts and crafts and much more! 

All program tuition rates include morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, as well as music and arts enrichment programs.

  • ​Cognitive Skills: Encouraging the child’s curiosity and reasoning abilities, and fostering the natural desire to learn.
  • Self Confidence: Nurturing the child’s positive self-image, as well as sensitivity to other people and the environment.
  • Social Skills: Promoting a spirit of fairness, cooperation, and sharing that brings positive responses from others.
  • Independence: Helping the child learn to make decisions, and supporting self-directed resolution of  problems.
  • Language Skills: Providing activities and materials to help increase the child’s attention span and listening skills, enlarge vocabulary, and stimulate the imagination.
  • Physical Skills: Fostering an understanding of how the body works, and of coordination through use of large and small muscles.