Angie Davis

"My children love carousel child and every single time I pick them up they have the biggest smiles on their faces. I am so happy knowing my children are happy and well taken care of, also they have a wonderful summer camp program...I couldn't have chose a better learning center!" 

Joey Vignola

"​My stepson goes to this daycare and so far we have been nothing but pleased. Not only were they one of the most economical day cares in the area, but they also take pride in reporting his behavior, activities, and progress every day. All the staff that we have dealt with so far have been nothing but helpful and courteous." 

Christina Nienaber

​"This is a wonderful preschool! My son hated letters and writing, but because of Carousel's methods (handwriting without tears) he is excited and confident about writing. My younger son lacked a bit of confidence. The teachers gave me concrete methods and quickly we saw a positive outcome that has really prepared my son (and us) going forward. The teachers and staff care about the children and each bring unique talents to the school. I love this place and so do my sons. I feel I am a better parent after being a part of the school and learning new methods. The student to teacher ratio is low too!" 

Tiffany Wilkinson

​"When looking for a place to bring our baby while we worked, I had a million (and one) questions and requirements that needed to be fulfilled before I trusted ANYONE with our little one (LO)...and working with colleagues who used to inspect childcare centers in the DMV area, they gave me specific responses and expecations to look for when speaking with childcare providers-without leading on the directors. Well, after much research and phone calls, we found Carousel to be our perfect fit for our baby over a year ago. The LO has been going here since just under 5 weeks old (yes, they're certified for VERY young babies). We haven't met a single member of the staff that we didn't think was awesome and responsive...We say it to all our friends and anyone we speak to who might be looking for a childcare center... 'we love our center and have really been blessed that we found such great people to take care of our child while we work.'" 

Lynn Ball

"​​My daughter entered Carousel Child Development Center after a horrific experience in a local county's public school. I AM SO THANKFUL for Carousel and its staff for bringing my lively, little girl back from the depths of near depression. They capitalized on her strengths, fostered her weaknesses, celebrated her passions, and motivated her to do her best. They put the love of learning back into a child that believed she was "stupid". The staff is patient, caring, communicative, but most importantly..understanding."